L & K Scope Repair

scope repair  you can count on

Repair of Over 1200 Brands! Adjustment of Parallax, Replacement of Damaged Cross-hairs, Scopes Cleaned & Restored, Lubricate all Moving Parts, New Nitrogen Atmosphere & Flushing, , Elevation & Windage Adjustor Repair, lens replacement or re-lamination

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We repair, Redfield, Weaver, Tasco, BSA, Bushnell, Lyman, Bausch and Lomb, Browning, Ogee, Ajax, Contract(made for stores), and many more scope brands. Contact us to see if we can fix yours.

Scope Repair you can count on, over 40 Years experience

New: Refurbished & Used scopes,       Weaver K10 1964 scope Post & Cross-hair, rust blued 

Tasco range finding trajectory compensating BDC cam lock nut 

2000 turret adjuster caps in stock


        We dissasemble every scope and do a complete inspection of all parts. We then determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.  At this point we will call or email you for authorization of the work needed.

     All lenses will be checked for delamination and repaired with the most modern adhesive available; military specification.

      Before assembling; all parts are cleaned and inspected again. This ensures that every thing that needs repair in your scope is taken care of.

      We then adjust parallex effect; on a 22 scope for 50 yards, and centerfire for 100 yards.

      All scopes will be flushed and then filled with the proper amount of dry nitrogen gas.  We then seal and lubricate the scope. Finally, we test the scope to make sure it is functioning correctly before shipping back to you.

Our Guarantee: we guarantee parts and labor for 30 days. We will not pay for any shipping charges to or from L&K Scope Repair. Please call or email us  before returning any scopes; you will receive a return number.

Our policy on scope repair: any scope not paid for within the 30 days of invoicing, will be sold to recoup our payment; unless prior arrangements are made with us.

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